Doors as Tables


The Client

Texture.Design is an Australian company that creates premium furniture using discarded materials. They aim to innovate and bring unique sustainable solutions for the future while also making the end product high-end. One example of a product is using old discarded doors, rennovating them and making very modern tables from them.

My Role

My role in this project was as the brand and website designer. I worked together with the founders and their dev team. Our research was mostly based on interviews with potential clients but main part of the project involved branding and website to showcase the products and focus on the artistic and sustainable strength of the product.


We had some research on the market and competitive analysis already prepared so we could jump straight into sketching. We decided on brand words, tone of voice, user personas and worked out a creative brief. Using that we could move onto creating the logo.


We decided to build the brand to feel high-end, sturdy and strong, to correspond better with out user personas. Our brand colors were very earthy and natural to accentuate the sustainable aspect of our brand. Through a few iterations we landed on something both the founders and the target demographic very positively reviewed.


During interviews and competitive analysis, we built a a wireframe that that we would A/B test. We refined those results to build a mobile first product. The final work accentuated the main page and I had to rework the diagrams to showcase each product dimension and build efficiently.

Client Feedback

"This was one of the best designers I have ever worked with. His skills and quality of work are outstanding! His delivery speed is impressive, and he is always available. What's more, he's really easy to work with. I felt I was working with a friend immediately. He didn't stop at delivering exactly what I was looking for. He went bezond that and suggested improvements that made a big difference to the project. If I am ever looking for a similar job, Josip will be mz destination without question. Can't recommend him enough! - Michael Doubinski, founder of PennyGranny"